On May the 27th at 7pm Amy graduates from High school. I though it would be nice to put a little Amy page together. It's not going to be much and I hope not to embarrasing for her. If it is, she will probably make me take it off. But so far so good.
    I'm not real good at writing so I'll mostly put some pictures. If I find a good writer I'll be sure and put it in though.
    I will do the pictures in 3 or 4 groups. One of her school pictures, grades kindergarden through 12th grade. Then I'll put her Krewe of Augustus pictures from when she started till this year when she completed her last year. Then I'll put in all of her many differant sports. I don't think a year went by where she didn't participate in at least one sport. Lastly I will put in a group of misc. pictures taken from all through her young life so far.   Larry
School Days
2nd Grade
1st Grade
3rd grade
4th grade
5th grade
6th grade
8th grade
9th grade
10th grade
11th grade
    These are the school pictures of Amy, from kindergarden through the 12th grade. I seem to have lost the 7th grade picture, but when I find it I'll put it in. If you want to view a larger image just click on any of the small faces.
Krewe Of Augustus
    Over the course of the last several years Amy has been a part of one of the children krewes in Lafayette. She started out as one of many members and moved her way up being Queen. This year along with graduating, was her last year as a member of the krewe itself. She along with alot of her friends and relatives had tons of fun, and should be experianced by all. Here are a few of the costumes she wore during her differant years in the krewe. To view a larger photo just click on the small picture.
1990 Lil Bo Peep
1991 Betsy Ross
1992 Queen of the Nile
1993 Ruby
1994 Broadway
1995 Queen Isabella
1996 Snow White
1997 Queen
1997 Queen
1998 Past Queen
1999 Co-Captains
2000 Master of Ceremonies
   Although her brothers played sports and did well in them, Amy is the athelete. Since she was old enough to play she played. She danced, basketballed, swam, soccered, cheerleaded & softballed for school and out of school. I don't have alot of pictures yet, but I have a few and will add as I find them. To view a large picture just click on a smaller picture.
1994 Basketball
1995 Cheerleader
1996 Cheerleading
1995 Manchester Team
1998 Soccor
1999 Soccor
1995 Softball
1989 Softball
1989 Modeling
1993 dancing
1997 Swimming
1st Communion
1 year old
1988 Miss Port Barre Contest

    This last group of pictures were taken when amy was younger, up until she was about 10. They just show a normal little girl who like to play and enjoys herself. You can see that from a real early age she enjoyed the camera and enjoyed the outdoors.
   I will finish off with this one last picture of Amy. Now that she's graduating and going off to what looks like ULatL (or maybe not) all the rest of her life will be in the real world. For the last few years she has grown and we think she will do just fine.
1983 Grandparents Anniv.
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12th grade
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1995 Cheerleading